Cherry Brook Garden Club

Civic Beautification

One of our pursuits is civic beautification.  We have a number of continuing projects such as the library and community center as well as the bandstand at the town green.  It's great fun as well as improving the look of the town as you can see in the photos.

Most recently, in honor of our 75th anniversary, we donated a finial for the peak of the bandstand. 


Other activities are associated with the holidays:
And other work is done at the library - planting perennials and just trying to keep the gardens in good shape! 
We set up planters along the rail trail in town.

This is the bandstand once we planted some of the shrubs this spring

September 11, 2012 The Town of Canton- a town the works together! It is time to celebrate the effort!

On Tuesday, September 11 at 10 AM, the Cherry Brook Garden club will celebrate Canton’s freshly refurbished town band stand on the town green. Our Canton town and community has worked together to refurbish the town green and bandstand this year. With more than 1,000 cars passing our town green and bandstand on a daily basis, the town came together to create a space that reflects a positive impression of our community. 


Last fall, Bob Martin and his Canton public works staff tore out the twenty five year old shrubbery around the band stand which was originally planted by the Cherrybrook Garden club to celebrate their 50th anniversary. Last year, the Board of Selectmen voted to put Local Capital Improvement Program funds from the state toward the project. 


The Canton Lions Club who built the original structure in the mid 1950’s tore out the old decking, donated and installed new decking and railings, and then painted the structure.  The Cherry Brook garden club and town public works team worked together to improve the drainage and paths around the bandstand. The Cherry Brook garden club donated a finial for the band stand which was recently created and installed by Sandy Sauer of West Simsbury. This donation from the Cherry Brook Garden Club is to commemorate the club’s 70+ years of enthusiastic commitment to the town of Canton.


Kevin Wilcox, of Silver Spring Nursery in Bloomfield designed a landscape plan for the band stand. The Cherry Brook garden club planted 35 plants native to our area around the band stand including fothergillia, clethera, azaleas and dogwoods. Canton public works and the Cherry Brook garden club will work together to maintain the garden while the plants are become well established. Please come and visit the band stand. Future plans include tagging the new plants and the Department of Public will continue to consider ways of improving the town green. 

And here's some of the hard - and wet! - work that went into the planting!
A recent project has been planting daffodils all along the Rail Trail section from Rt. 179 to Rt. 44
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